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SIA “Latgran” POLICY 
for Quality, Environment, Energy Management and Labour Safety


The operating policy of SIA “LatGran” is focused on the quality and volume of the product, all the while making sure that the clients continue relying on it as a trustworthy and safe partner. Our business aims are based on principles — highest quality product, minimum environmental impact caused by operations, best energy performance in production and safest labour environment possible.


We are implementing this policy by:

  • producing a product corresponding to the customers` requirements and guaranteeing a consistently timely delivery;
  • ensuring that at least the effective national environmental, occupational health, energy management and labour safety regulations and other requirements binding for the company are observed;
  • maintaining an effective organisational management system, and the knowledge of our employees is an important instrument in achieving this efficiency;
  • constantly improving the governance system with regular reviews of the operating results as regards quality, environment, energy performance and labour safety and promoting new aims;
  • cooperating, insofar as possible, only with such partners that operate according to the same principles with respect to quality, environment, energy performance and labour safety as our company;
  • upon making new decisions, continuously evaluating their impact on labour safety, the environment and our energy performance, and opting in favour of solutions that present better environmental, energy performance and employee safety outcomes, as well as promoting the procurement of energy efficient products and services;
  • regularly keeping track of environmental pollution as well as energy and resource consumption markers for promoting economic and ecologic operations alike, and we are additionally ready to take the necessary steps to protect the environment under extraordinary situations;
  • planning energy performance improvements and ensuring the required information and resources to reach our energy performance targets;
  • continuously ensuring a safe work environment, and creating favourable conditions for employees and company visitors, by preventing possible threats and mitigating safety risks;
  • encouraging the participation of all employees in improvement of the working environment and work safety by consulting, inquiring, listening to opinions and considering suggestions;
  • educating employees about the environmental impact of our operations and conduct in emergency situations, as well as training them in safe and energy-efficient use of equipment, and promoting sparing use of natural and energy resources.