Industrial pellets


Our products are pellets made of sawdust or other logging by-products originating during the production process, by compacting the raw materials with great pressure. No glue or other binding agents are used in production. For this reason, our products are a chemical-free, environmentally friendly fuel. Being a highly standardised and high density fuel, the pellets show up to three times the energy capacity per unit of mass compared to firewood and wood-chips. Moreover, they ensure a more profitable volume to mass ratio. It is easier to automate heating with pellets, achieving nearly the same level of comfort as with gas heating.

  • The specification of pellets is individual to each customer. We make the product in line with an agreed specification as to NCV, ash content, particle size and any other agreed parameter.
  • Latgran is always open to flexible delivery schedules, as we know some clients may need to postpone deliveries, or ask for deliveries ahead of plan. Such agreements are made individually with each client. 
  • For further information, please contact Mr.Raul Kirjanen on +372 6699870 or by email: